Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Sunday.

I feel particularly un-inspiring, or even interesting tonight.  I've spent the past two weeks trying to get the yard and flower gardens cleaned up and the grass reseeded and I am still not finished!  The list is growing shorter though, thank goodness.  I won't get back into the yard until Thursday and then only if it doesn't rain.  Well, I will have to water grass seeds and baby grass, some each day.

I want to begin deep cleaning this week, a bit at a time, and begin cleaning up the garage, rec room and laundry.  Spaces vacated in part or whole when Rob and Tanya moved out.  Big plans for those rooms!

I have made some hexie flowers and taken a few stitches in Bri's stocking.  But I still haven't turned on the machine!  I did begin to line up the pink squares only to discover I had cut the white pieces for the alternate blocks incorrectly.  I've started to re-cut them so perhaps I'll get some work done soon, I need to make my orange blocks as well, sigh.

With the return of cooler weather and all the yard work came the pain in my knees and hips so I'm back on Celebrex which is helping,  I can sleep most nights anyway!

One really odd thing is happening, the violets in my front lawn are blooming!  They usually only bloom in the early spring, what could this mean?  I'm hoping for a real winter this year to kill off the bugs and help the water table!

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