Thursday, August 23, 2012

West Coast 2012 Day Five

I am home again, having arrived on Monday evening, quite late, but will try to catch up on the happenings of the trip!

Day Five,

Quinn and I needed a day of rest so we stayed in Great Falls a second night.  During the day we found that they had a very nice, miles long walk along the Missouri River which we quite enjoyed!  It always astonishes me to see what I consider "by the ocean" birds so far inland.  Sea Gulls, whose white feathers quite captivated Quinn, and White Pelicans.  We also saw what I think were some loons all floating on the bay.  It wasn't too hot either so We went Quilt shop hopping!  Okay we only went to two shops, I bought a couple of pieces for some English Paper Piecing and some fat quarters at one, nothing at the other.  It's odd how the tiny, not much looking shop is where I bought the fabric where the bigger shop had nothing I wanted to bring home!

After the shop hopping we managed to find the dog park!  Quinn's first adventure at an off leash park.   There were three other small dogs playing and she had a ball with them, quite wore herself out which was handy as I needed a nap!

I tried cutting some hexi's out only to discover the paper patterns were really too small for my fabric, it was all ending up looking green, sigh.  Will have to print out some bigger patterns-on card stock.

I really like Great Falls, all the people have been very friendly and dog oriented!  The hotel staff have loved up on Quinn and so have many of the guests.  The only problem I ran into here is that they have mirrored closet doors and Quinn really wanted to play with that other dog!  I ended up closing one behind the other and piling things up in front so she couldn't see herself in the mirror.

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