Friday, August 10, 2012

Washington Coast Trip 2012 Day Four

I originally planned to drive three days and then have a rest day-two nights in one place.  But- I really don't like Billings so I headed up to Great Falls.  About 50 miles into the trip I discovered that my Kindle was missing!  I would have called the restaurant where I had breakfast cell phone was dead!  It is indeed at the Crackerbarrel in Billings and they are going to ship it home for me, deep sigh of relief!  I'm a terror on the poor things, this is my third, on last years long trip my 2nd Kindle got wet! Anyway, I'm happy it's found and will make it's way home.

I drove up Highway 89 through White Sulpher Springs (smells just like that too) where Quinn and I had lunch in the park then north to Great Falls.  I drove this route 2 years ago and it was so beautiful I wanted to do it again.  Unhappily, this time much of what I loved about the trip was obscured by smoke from the wildfires!  Disappointing.

Is was a short day arriving about 3pm.  It's still hot.

I decided to have my rest day here-this is the nicest hotel I've been in yet and the people here are all dog people!  Quinn is in heaven!

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