Friday, August 31, 2012

Washington Coast Day 11

We are off early for the Pacific.  Headed south on the I-5 (the same one that goes to Steve's in San Diego-NOT going that far!), crossed the sound on the bridge to Anacortes On Fildago Island, one of the San Juan Islands (or at least that what the tourism lit says-it isn't one of the islands on the site for the San Juans.)  The ferries start here for the other islands.  We were early, too early for the quilt shop -darn it, so we found a nice park so Quinn and I could get some exercise.  Then we were off down the west side of the island over another bridge to South Whidbey Island.  At virtually the end of the road we caught a ferry for Port Townsend-it was a really smooth ride, a nice to the last ferry I was on (crossing from Inish Muir in Ireland!)  Quinn didn't mind but she did back at a few folks.  At the landing we went to Olympic National Park  I was surprised by the snow capped mountains!  I bought a nice book on Women in Washington during the 19th century (one of my continuing interests in history) and of course patches (bringing the total Number of patches for the blankets for this trip to three-not nearly as many as in the past.)  For there we headed west and south towards the coast on a "Scenic" byway.  It was very scenic-if you like tree tunnels and a very occasional glimpse of water.  I was bored within 15 minutes but I kept on, I find it difficult to change directions once I've decided on a path.  Pulled into Aberdeen,WA about 3pm with the sure knowledge that I would never make my evenings destination!  So I called and cancelled that reservation.  Somewhere along the way I hit the breaking point.  I was done with Washington, the West Coast and the trip--I wanted to be home.  I called the friendly folks at Motel 6 (where they leave the light on and happily take pets) made new reservations for Centralia-cancelling my plans to go further south along the coast, at least in Washington.

We arrived at Centralia in time for dinner-I was starving.  I ate my only sit down dinner, not counting Jim and Joanne's, of the trip as it was cool enough for Quinn in the car (with her fan going, the windows open a bit and her shade.)  After we checked into our friendly Motel 6 we took a walk around the outlet mall across the street and settled in for the night.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gail,

Sorry your having a bit of a rough patch, hopefully things will look better in the morning.

blessings, jilly