Monday, August 27, 2012

Washington Coast 2012 Day Seven

We left Kallispell MT via Lakeside, so we could get some cherries!  I'd been told that I had to get some cherries, so I did.  Then let Sam (the GPS) take us to my cousins on Lake Roosevelt.  Drove through some really pretty valleys on some back roads, had to stop once to answer the phone, it seems that the UPS software wouldn't accept my address!  I find that very odd-my UPS driver knows me by name and if the address is wrong!  Anyway we solved that issue by routing the kindle to Beth's house.  Then is was into the panhandle of Idaho very briefly and into Washington state.  Sam routed me along some very interesting gravel roads, one called Tickle Hills Road isn't open in the winter, for about a million miles.  OK, probably less than ten but it seemed much longer.  Quinn DID NOT like those roads at all! Pulled into Jim and Joann's about 2 pm.  I tried to unload but one of the locks on the tonto cover would not budge!  Jim would have to get pliers to open it,  gravel roads must have tightened it down.  I know for sure that the gravel roads fixed the door lock that didn't work!  We had a lovely dinner of pork ribs with a caprise salad made with about 8 different kinds of tomatoes from their garden--so yummy.  Jim is working at the pool in their area so he went off to the pool house.  Joann and I decided we might want a swim and Quinn needed a walk so we set of to walk down. Along the way we met a doe with twins who evidently thought Quinn was one of her babies!  She just got closer and closer until Joann wound up her bag loaded with towels and scared her off.  I swear I thought she was going to head butt us to get to Quinn. After that I took my Trekking pole when we went walking-it has a nice wooden knob on the end which could be used to bonk a deer on the head!

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