Sunday, August 5, 2012

Off to seek cooler air!

I'm off tomorrow for the Pacific Northwest!  I've had all the heat I can take and it's only the first week of August.  (We've had something like 20 days over 100F and at least 5 at 105F)  Today has been cooler but the 90's are back tomorrow!  We could have another 6 weeks of terribly hot, terribly dry weather (actually the dryness could stay with us longer than that as the fall is usually dry.)  I'm off to see if I need to move to a place with cooler summers or is a vacation in the hottest part of summer is enough.  I've packed some projects (of course), I may not make much progress but I "intend" to.  We all know how well I follow through with "Intentions"!  Will try to do travel blogs but. . . .

Now I'm off to finish the 101 things yet to be accomplished before I can actually leave!

Oh, I forgot!  I sold the travel trailer!!! Say Huzzah! Hurray! or Finally;))))

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