Thursday, July 19, 2012


We are back into the triple digits here and there is no end in sight.  Added to that we have had very little rain (probably not even an inch) for two (maybe three) months.  All the rain in the world will not resurrect my grass.  It crackles under foot, even the parts that haven't turned totally straw colored.   The trees are shedding leaves and the undergrowth in the park is dying (We could not without so much understory but it's odd.)  The creek is dry upstream and that dryness is moving down everyday.   The news folks report that we are in 2 of the four kinds of drought and that it is the worst since the dust bowl years of the 1930's.  I am watering my gardens but will surely lose a plant or two.  I moved the planters and most of the pots off the deck and under it-where it is shady at least.  I don't know it they will perk up or not.  For the moment the big pots in the front are looking good, but they get more shade, and my basil and other herbs are good, that shade thing again!  Quinn won't set foot on the deck after the sun hits it full and won't walk on anything but grass when we walk to the park.  Those walks are in the morning at 6:15am-before I've even opened my eyes!  We try about 8:30pm but if it's too hot we stay home, last night it was still over 100F so we stayed home.  She doesn't like it but she also sports a long double fur coat so the heat is worse for her.  (Tomorrow she's going to camp so she won't care if she misses a walk or two!)  Summer is my least favorite season, always has been, even though I love to swim I just do not enjoy anything when it's hot.  Oddly enough since there's been relatively no rain, this summer has been the worst for the allergy/asthma thing!

On tap for today; laundry, sewing and a nap!

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a good yarn said...

I am so sorry that you have ensdure the awful heat. We had many summers like this. I hope that soon you will receive some much needed rain and coolness. ann :-)