Monday, June 18, 2012

Such a lazy blogger I am

It's been another week since I blogged!  Where did my intention to blog each day go?  Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I've been a total lay about though.

All the stones are in the ground layer of all the walls!  I need to buy some more on Wednesday to finish up but just putting one atop the other is a cinch!  I may need to add a few more blocks on the ends but that's only a few minutes work.  I wish I could say that the project was finished when I get those blocks laid, unfortunately that is not the case, sigh.  I still need to finish the drain (cut it off and add rock above and below so it doesn't fill with dirt. First, I have to go buy the rock.) Then I need to fill the beds with dirt, dug up from other places-other projects, and lastly I must go buy a load of compost to put on top. Good thing I have a pick up truck.  In the meantime I have to decide what to plant in them, hum.  Anyway, there is a light shinning at the end of that tunnel and it's getting brighter every day!

I have the headboard glued together, the big holes filled and a coat of primer on.  It was too windy today (currently 24 MPH out of the south) to spray  paint and will be tomorrow as well.  Here's hoping we have only gentle breezes on Wednesday.  It should only take a couple of days of decent weather to have it finished as well.  Boy, I'm checking these things off at the moment!  Even better, I'm not adding anything to the list either!

I have finished all the stitching on the flannel rag quilt!! Yeah!! I began snipping today and will do a bit more tonight-hope to have it all done for washing on Wednesday.  Then I have to take some time and tidy my sewing space as well as catch up on some other projects.

I am feeling stuck inside right now.  The heat and humidity have combined to create air quality that is not too great and my allergies and asthma have kicked in-not bad enough to head for the MD but enough to take the air out of me!  Poor Quinn is feeling the heat, evening walks are pretty short and don't allow for any big runs as she has so much fur.  Imagine how hot she gets wearing her winter woolies all the time!

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a good yarn said...

Sorry to read that weather has been troubling you. As an asthma/allergy sufferer I empathise with you. It's good to read that you are whittling that to-do list down. ann :-)