Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello, anyone out there?

I've been gone from blogland for a bit, no idea why.  For the last week I've kind of felt like I was on vacation without leaving home!  The weather was dry, cool (well not hot as hades anyway) and clear.  The kind of weather I just want to sit and read while the soft breezes blow over me, so basically that's what I did!  Of course, I will now pay for it!  House is a mess, yard work to be done etc, etc, etc.  Today, I got up and went to work.  I've put in a few stones in the retaining wall I started last July!  It got too hot and then lost in the Kitchen redo.  I finished up the bottom part of the second wall (photos coming I promise) and tomorrow I will work on the top walls.

I've begun prepping the ends of my old crib-hey the youngest is 26, it's old! I'm planning to convert the ends into a headboard for my room.  I've looked and looked for a headboard (or even a bed although that would be a stretch-small room) and I can't find one that wouldn't over-power the room.  So-o-o-.  I've already sanded them and today I glued them together-currently clamped together!  I need to go get a 1/4" dowel rod to fill some holes and then I'll paint them white.  When finished I'll hang it on the wall as my bed is quite high.  Again, photos soon!

I haven't turned on my sewing machine or picked up a needle in a week, sigh.

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a good yarn said...

Hi, it's you long lost blogging pal. I've been AWOL myself. Gee, it doesn't take long to fall behind. Glad you made the most of some pleasant weather. It's been cold and raining here so a little sunshine would be welcome. Looking forward to seeing the cot-to-bedhead transformation. ann :-)