Thursday, May 24, 2012

Internet issues

We have had internet issues off and on for the past week.  It all began with Rob's need for a higher speed connection.  (for work although it'll be great for other things, like opening photo heavy blogs :)  After some on line research to determine what is available here and talking to different people we opted for Comcast.  That meant we had to leave AT&T-there is nothing that you do with AT&T that is easy or quick.  The day I called them I was transfered three times, once to the automated options so I was on that mess three times as well.  Oh, and I was reminded multiple times that I could do most things on the internet.  Well duh, if I could have done it on the internet I wouldn't be calling!  Also we did not want to leave Dish TV, so yet another phone call with a series of automated voice options.  Comcast I could set up on line.  Last Friday came, the Comcast installer came early (there's a shocker) but. . . .  First, he didn't know how to set up our Apple Airport so no WiFi until Rob came home (sometime after 10pm) and fixed it.  (We bow to the god of WiFi, aka Rob!)  And. . . while the new service was much faster it wasn't as fast at the plan that I ordered.  Call number 1 to Comcast, more voice prompts.  No resolution, very nice but it's not fixed.  Tuesday, Call number 2 to Comcast, more voice prompts set up appointment for Wednesday between 2 and 4-he's a no show.  Call number 3 to Comcast, more voice prompts--turns out he went to the wrong address (we live on the Terr not St although the house numbers are the same!)   I am pretty sure I know my address and I typed it onto the Comcast site, we are all really careful as we are always getting mail delivered to the wrong place--it's so bad even the UPS driver can tell you the address is "Messed up" so their system did something.  Rob was home this time and he is the god of WiFi here so he talked to the tech, only to determine that their installer had installed the wrong modem!  I picked up the proper one up today.  So, basically Rob set up the WiFi three times and we spent two days without internet.  It's really amazing how much you miss it when it's not available!  It's no wonder I resist changing any of this stuff!  I must say, it really is much faster!

Haven't been up to much else.  Quilting a few flannel blocks for the rag quilt, cutting a few piece for the Scrap challenge, cleaning house that sort of thing.  It has gotten hot (90F) and I am not ready for it.  Wait, I'm never ready for it!  Quinn likes to bark at the air conditioning-any time it comes on she races to the door, takes and immediate right to the deck rail and barks!  She slips and slides on the bamboo flooring in the kitchen on her way to the door. It would all be terribly funny except she comes right back in the house only to do it over (and over and over) in two minutes!  She loves playing with the hand waterer and she gets her face just dripping wet but she keeps going back.  That is funny!

Hope things at your place are quiet and cool!

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