Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evaporating Time.

The days have evaporated on me again, sigh.  I had quite a bit of yard work to do, not nearly finished but the existing gardens are tidy and new grass is up in SOME of the bare spots.  Yet to be finished are seeding the former veggie bed spots and completing the wall in the back.  It'll get done, sometime.

I spent Saturday and Sunday at Scott and Bri's house in Columbia.  Rob and Tanya came down on Saturday as well, then Beth, Lucas and the boys joined us on Sunday.  Had a great time and a terrific Mother's Day,  I am now the happy owner of a Pandora charm bracelet and seven charms!  They are so good to me!  Quinn had a blast playing with Coco and Max on Saturday--jumping on all the furniture (which she never does at home and hasn't done since we got back!)  Then on Sunday Zoe (Beth's golden) joined the mix and the four dogs had a blast.  Quinn was very tired when we got home on Sunday night.  I must have been as well, yesterday was spent sleeping off a headache!  (After I let out the inner B---h on ATT, enough said there.)

I haven't done any stitching to speak of and am behind on all the self-imposed deadlines for project finishes.  Just haven't felt the desire to do any of that.  On top of that I've gained back a couple of pounds as walking has been irregular the past couple of weeks (too many softball games in the park) So I need to get back on tract there and find another place to walk Quinn in the evenings, we can still do the mornings and she does love running free at least part of the time.

This is for Jilly, if you're still reading blogs.  I'm sorry to see that you have shut down your blog and your email.  I hope that I was not in any way responsible for that decision.  I enjoyed reading your blogs and "chatting back and forth in emails" and would so very much enjoy meeting you and Mr Wonderful some time.  Blessed Be.

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