Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Evenings.

Thought you might enjoy a pic of my lovely Quinn! She's still a bit damp from her bath yesterday in this photo-she is much fluffier now that she's dry and brushed.  I think I'm finished with glueing her ears down, unless the tips begin to straighten up.   She's such fun!

Today we took the ladder to Beth so they could use it while building the boy's play set - and so that Quinn could play with Zoe!  In all but the winter there are softball tournaments in the park every weekend, that means too many people and cars for Quinn to run off leash so a play date in Zoe's fenced in back yard was just the ticket!

In keeping with my current theory of deciding what I want to finish next, I have nearly finished the holiday bags, perhaps tomorrow evening I'll be able to post a finish!  My theory is to work on the one thing that will make the most visual impact on my list. These bags are big! And will soon be packed away until Christmas, removing one huge pile from my sewing room.  Seems like I'm doing a lot of Christmas things, hum, and I'm not finished either.  Still, a few things are being finished so it's all good.
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Anonymous said...

Quinn is such a cutie. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas bags, as a million ideas are running through my head as to what exactly they are.

Not such going on at my place. Everything and everybody seem to be driving me nuts. No sewing, no crafting. I did a switcharoo with things, only to place them back!! I think I am just plain tired of creating and what to get rid of it all.

Enjoy your week.

blessings, jilly