Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The State of. . . .

First, the state of the flannel scrap basket:
 Empty!  I don't think I'll use this basket this way any longer as I don't have any new flannel projects going, in fact it already has pastel leader and enders filling it up!   The cotton scrap basket is empty of scraps but not empty.  It has leftover blocks from the gifts bags and some muslin pieces I haven't decided what to do with.  I have all the flannel log cabin blocks for the second rag quilt finished and will begin to quilt as I go them as soon as I finish with this round of little houses.  I'm a bit stuck there as I have no more cotton scraps to cut houses from--the next ones will have to come off fat quarters or pieces in the boxes!  I've run into a few issues with this batch--I'm always tweaking the process for making these.

The state of the knee:  I had a second shot of cortisone about 10 days ago, at first it was totally wonderful!  For about 5 days.  Then it started screaming at me again, it has calmed down some and I'm giving it the full two weeks the doc said it might take before committing but I think the next step is going to be the Euflexxa shots.  I can live with a great deal of pain (one pain pill for 2 carpal tunnel surgeries, one pain pill for a c-section) but long term pain is hard on your general health and the limp I just can't always stop causes other places to hurt.  The big kicker though is that I have caught myself thinking-"I don't want to walk Quinn tonight, my knee will hurt."  And that is just wrong on so many levels!  The shots are once a week for three weeks and are supposed to bulk up the fluid under the knee cap.  We'll see.

And Quinn.  Here she is gnawing on a marrow bone!  She's been at it for over an hour.  After I took the photos, she turned her back on me so I couldn't see the bone!  Guess she didn't want to pose any longer!

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