Sunday, April 29, 2012


It began raining last night about 11 and it has rained off and on since!  Thank goodness.  I've been out working in the yard and gardens and it's rough when you have to water BEFORE you dig!  It can rain all day as far as I'm concerned.  James Mitchner wrote in Centennial that when it rained on the plains the drops "bounced,"  sometimes it does and I watch it out of my kitchen window.  (Rob says that it's a physics thing and very rare, who knew.  I've seen it pretty often.)  My Granna called it a "gully washer" when it rained that hard--as it washes out fields etc into gullies--but today is what my Dad calls a "soaker" and a soaker is just what we need.  It's pretty amusing to watch a sheltie running around the deck growling and sometimes barking at raindrops, which reminds me I need to let her in!  She has a double coat, designed to shed water (A fact which makes giving her a bath very difficult!) so she won't be really wet and will dry quickly.  She's probably hanging out under the table or the eaves anyway, out of most of it.

Since gardening is out for today, I think I'll stitch and work on the Town Company (project that ate my life.)

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