Sunday, April 29, 2012


It began raining last night about 11 and it has rained off and on since!  Thank goodness.  I've been out working in the yard and gardens and it's rough when you have to water BEFORE you dig!  It can rain all day as far as I'm concerned.  James Mitchner wrote in Centennial that when it rained on the plains the drops "bounced,"  sometimes it does and I watch it out of my kitchen window.  (Rob says that it's a physics thing and very rare, who knew.  I've seen it pretty often.)  My Granna called it a "gully washer" when it rained that hard--as it washes out fields etc into gullies--but today is what my Dad calls a "soaker" and a soaker is just what we need.  It's pretty amusing to watch a sheltie running around the deck growling and sometimes barking at raindrops, which reminds me I need to let her in!  She has a double coat, designed to shed water (A fact which makes giving her a bath very difficult!) so she won't be really wet and will dry quickly.  She's probably hanging out under the table or the eaves anyway, out of most of it.

Since gardening is out for today, I think I'll stitch and work on the Town Company (project that ate my life.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The State of. . . .

First, the state of the flannel scrap basket:
 Empty!  I don't think I'll use this basket this way any longer as I don't have any new flannel projects going, in fact it already has pastel leader and enders filling it up!   The cotton scrap basket is empty of scraps but not empty.  It has leftover blocks from the gifts bags and some muslin pieces I haven't decided what to do with.  I have all the flannel log cabin blocks for the second rag quilt finished and will begin to quilt as I go them as soon as I finish with this round of little houses.  I'm a bit stuck there as I have no more cotton scraps to cut houses from--the next ones will have to come off fat quarters or pieces in the boxes!  I've run into a few issues with this batch--I'm always tweaking the process for making these.

The state of the knee:  I had a second shot of cortisone about 10 days ago, at first it was totally wonderful!  For about 5 days.  Then it started screaming at me again, it has calmed down some and I'm giving it the full two weeks the doc said it might take before committing but I think the next step is going to be the Euflexxa shots.  I can live with a great deal of pain (one pain pill for 2 carpal tunnel surgeries, one pain pill for a c-section) but long term pain is hard on your general health and the limp I just can't always stop causes other places to hurt.  The big kicker though is that I have caught myself thinking-"I don't want to walk Quinn tonight, my knee will hurt."  And that is just wrong on so many levels!  The shots are once a week for three weeks and are supposed to bulk up the fluid under the knee cap.  We'll see.

And Quinn.  Here she is gnawing on a marrow bone!  She's been at it for over an hour.  After I took the photos, she turned her back on me so I couldn't see the bone!  Guess she didn't want to pose any longer!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally finished!

A couple of years ago I decided I was tired of buying wrapping paper at Christmas!  I decided to make some quilted bags to reuse each year.  I cut squares, sewed disappearing nine patches, quilted the bodies and added canvas handles and bottoms.  Today I finished up the little hand work on all ELEVEN.  I made one for each member of my family, however I think I might have been a little over zealous in my desire to  have the bags large enough!  Here they are:
Had to move Simba off of them, he apparently approves!  About the over-sizing, I folded ten of them and put them into one bag--
I think these should hold any and all gifts!  But I probably need to make some smaller (and less involved) bags as well.  If I ever need extra laundry bags or bags to hold king size quilts these should do the trick!

Big To Do off the list!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Evenings.

Thought you might enjoy a pic of my lovely Quinn! She's still a bit damp from her bath yesterday in this photo-she is much fluffier now that she's dry and brushed.  I think I'm finished with glueing her ears down, unless the tips begin to straighten up.   She's such fun!

Today we took the ladder to Beth so they could use it while building the boy's play set - and so that Quinn could play with Zoe!  In all but the winter there are softball tournaments in the park every weekend, that means too many people and cars for Quinn to run off leash so a play date in Zoe's fenced in back yard was just the ticket!

In keeping with my current theory of deciding what I want to finish next, I have nearly finished the holiday bags, perhaps tomorrow evening I'll be able to post a finish!  My theory is to work on the one thing that will make the most visual impact on my list. These bags are big! And will soon be packed away until Christmas, removing one huge pile from my sewing room.  Seems like I'm doing a lot of Christmas things, hum, and I'm not finished either.  Still, a few things are being finished so it's all good.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where have I been? I have no idea!

I can't believe I've been silent here for so long, lucky you.  Really haven't done anything exciting.  Made some little houses (ongoing count on side bar), cut scraps until I hit the bottom of the basket!  Nearly finished one set of gift bags for the holidays--only a bit of handwork on these four red ones, then four green and 3 blue ones-the blue are up for this week.  I've worked a bit in the yard, but real spring weather has arrived, unlike those two days of 90F when I seriously considered the air conditioning it is down in the 50-60sF and the heat is back on.  We need some rain and the weather guesses say we should get some, add in the dreary gray skies and perhaps some will fall.  I have been reading even more than usual-mostly novels, very light stuff.  I go on binges with that sort of thing! I did manage to get some work in on the Town of Kansas-mitacles do happen!  Anyway, nothing really going on--the usual most boring person in the world stuff!  ( I said that to a couple of my sons, they both argued that THEY were the most boring person in the world! )

I've been cutting the walls for more little houses, I am WAY behind on the one per day thing so I just hope to have all 366 done by year end.

This morning makes the second Thursday in a row that our Tanya has found one of her elderly cats dead.  One was expected, the other a total shock.  It is very hard on her as she had had them for 16 years and they are the last living link to her Mom who passed in 2005 (I think).  She bounces back better as time passes but the one lonely guy left will get lots of attention!

I'm off to work on the taxes--leaving it a bit late this year, sigh.