Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

It has been raining here since Monday and tomorrow there is to be yet more!  YUK!!  There have been windows of dry so Quinn and I have made at least one walk each day, it's better when we can have two.  Today,  during a thunder storm she wanted out on the deck.  What did she do but dash out bark madly at the rain and dash back over and over!  Silly little girl, she sure is entertaining.

So on the doctor front.  I had an appointment for my knee on Tuesday.  The problem seems to be a torn meniscus, which they would normally just scope it and clean it up.  They won't be doing that for me as I have a great deal of arthritis in both knees and so I will be getting a partial knee replacement (in the left one now but probably in both at some point.)  I got a shot of cortisone but it doesn't seem to be helping, will have to send her an email on Monday.  I had a foot appointment today, didn't find anything that would cause the pain there so arch supports were recommended.  I think that could be the issue as I stopped wearing the shoes with Walking Co insoles in them not long before the pain began.  Need to go get some new ones, for that matter I need some new tennies!

Steve is having surgery on his foot in July, I don't know if I'll need to go out then or not.  He will have a long recovery period as this sounds like a major reconstruction of his foot.  Guess I'll have to wait and see.

While I was at the foot docs my brother sent me a text that he had taken my Dad to the hospital.  I went over to the VA to see him, he was having a stress test on his heart.  He has an 86 year old heart that underwent bypass surgery 24 years ago for 14 blockages-repaired by 7 bypasses, although one failed.  His heart has created it's own bypass as well.  This current problem is probably a little blip as he was as "fiesty" as ever.  (That's what the nurse said!)  On the whole he's in pretty good shape, still drives where ever he wants to go, has a bit of trouble getting about on foot but he does well enough to drive my brother nuts!  Bobby (my youngest brother) lives with Dad, a fact I am forever grateful for!

In between all this I have been getting some pink sewing done--show and tell tomorrow!

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