Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bit of this, a bit of that.

First, I was gifted this lovely lot of buttons!  A friend of Rob and Tanya's was going to toss them out!  They belonged to his Mom and she passed away recently,  Tanya thought I would like them and I do!  Some of them are HUGE, and 1 1/2" easily, some have design in relief on them, some are likely quite old!  Haven't a clue what I will do with them but they are so lovely.

I'll be cutting this pile of pink fabric for the next several days.  Pink is the color for this months scrap challenge.  I have lots and what I don't use for the rainbow quilt blocks will be used in a leader and ender quilt along with other pastels as we come to them.

A finish!  These 10 little reindeer ornaments for Christmas.  Some will go on my trees, some will be gifted.  Each one is different.  A closer look--some have buttons.

All are stitched in white on red felt--Swedish style.

The knee is still hurting, worse in fact!  Waiting for referral to Ortho to show so I can make an appointment.  One thing, I won't be stitching in bed again.  Lost my needle, that's a thought I didn't need--is there a needle in my bed?  There wasn't as I found it later stuck to a magnet!


Andrea said...

I love old buttons - in fact I love ANY buttons - lol. The reindeers are so cute and looking forward to seeing what the pink fabric turns into. Hope your knee improves soon - take it easy xx

Anonymous said...

I love the reindeer ornaments, very cute. I am not allowed to stitch in bed for the very same reason. I didn't find the needle but someone else did. Poor guy!!!

blessings, jilly

a good yarn said...

So glad the buttons were saved! Your reindeers are gorgeous. Pesky knees - what a shame we rely on them so much. Ann :-)