Saturday, March 3, 2012

And then there was wind

So on Thursday it was 71 degrees, remember?  Yesterday, big fat juicy white snowflakes fell for a few hours (not in the forecast either)!   It was a really wet snow, we need moisture badly, and created great beauty when they stuck to all the tree trunks and branches.  Today it is cold (30's with the wind) and the wind is brutal.  When I took Quinn for our morning walk I looked for paths that kept us out of it as much as possible.

I've been having pain in my right knee, I've had it before and this is gradually getting worse.  I went to the Doctor on Friday for referrals to my ortho doc and to the foot guy as the toes have been hurting as well.  Today I can hardly walk, no afternoon walk for Quinn!  Sitting hurts, standing hurts-somewhat less , walking really hurts especially those twists and turns we all make.  Finally, I took all my hand sewing in to my bed and spent a couple of  hours watching tv and stitching and I plan to do that for the rest of the evening.  Even lying with the leg straight out sometimes hurts!  As soon as those referrals process I'm off to see the good Dr Elton!

Tomorrow is to be much warmer--just have to love the weather in Missouri! I hope so and I hope the leg cooperates, I have a lot of things to do outside and a puppy who really needs her walk!

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a good yarn said...

So sorry to hear about your knee/toe troubles. It's no fun being out of action like that. Weird weather, hey? Come to NSW, Australia. An area the size of France is under water and the dams are overflowing. Today however, the sun is shining brightly. What a shame I didn't have my washing on the line (not my fault - heavy rain had been forecast). Lawns mowed instead. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. ann :-)