Monday, November 7, 2011

Sewing room/office

It's a pretty well known fact around here that my sewing room/office is a disaster!  Mostly because I use a 10 ft by 10 ft room with two windows and 2 doors for 2 BIG purposes.  During the recently completed kitchen overhaul it got even worse!  Especially after I cleaned the playroom before the boys came for the weekend.  In an effort to tame the beast (and pay my bills--lost in the mess of my desk) I brought in yet another piece of furniture.  Crazy, I know, but it seems to be helping.  I hung a three shelf bookcase on the wall at the end of my desk.  All my notebooks for the Town of Kansas and my notebooks for bill-paying, gardening, planning, etc (you get the picture) and a few reference books are now located at my fingertips.  I usually postpone (read procrastinate) the re-shelving of books, notebooks etc until the pile is beyond  belief and then I have to spend an entire day (as I did today) sorting things out!  I'm hoping having the things I use the most really close will help there.  Plus, I'm learning new habits in the kitchen so why not in here as well?  Moving those notebooks and some other shifting set three shelves on my other bookcases free so I could put project boxes there and as soon as I trek up to Old Tyme Pottery and buy them, baskets for true fabric scraps (as opposed to leftover larger pieces which go into the fat quarter boxes.  All that means that there are fewer things whose home is the floor (not just a temporary storage space but the actual place that they belong!)  I'll post some photos when it is complete, and I can see the tops of all the flat surfaces!

Beyond that I spent two days working at cleaning the shed and storing things for winter.  Hank the Hulking snow thrower, gas for said Hank and the snow shovel are out.  Hmmm, need to fill him up and crank him up to make sure he starts.  The bench and all the planting pots are stored, the tube bags of sand are in the back end of the truck for weight, etc.  Then I raked the flower beds (have decided I need another leaf blower-I've already burned up two so I need to do research) and mowed the leaves.  This is the first year of not having as many trees, down to four from eight, and mowing is all I really need to do-the mower just mulches them right up.  I may need to pick up a few but no where near the 30 bags or so that was normal in the past.  I will have to deal with acorns, which is really why I need a leaf blower-to blow them together so I can pick them up easier.  Lots of people just leave them but they are kind of dangerous when you walk on them and I get tired of pulling up trees in the spring!

While I was in the shed I got out the dog crate.  Why? you ask.  Because I am getting a puppy!  Sometime soon after Thanksgiving I will pick up a Sheltie puppy, I can hardly wait!

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a good yarn said...

How exciting! A new puppie. Good for you. I don't want to talk about my sewing room. It's a never ending battle. Good for getting it organised. Would you like to do mine? *chuckle* ann :-)