Thursday, November 17, 2011

More cleaning!

So remember last week?  The week I spent three days cleaning my office/sewing room?  I did get it clean, I could see my desk and everything.  Unfortunately that is not the case now, sigh.

I think I should change the name of the room to "The Dump!"  As everything has just been dumped in here, again.   I have finished cleaning the rest of the house (well, if you don't count the other dump- my garage workshop) in preparation for the holidays.  Not a small task I can tell you as it hasn't been properly cleaned since I began the kitchen remodel.  So glad that's behind me.  Just wish this was!  I should learn to keep a creative space tidy--that could be an oximoron.

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a good yarn said...

If it's any consolation I have one just like it. I get it all nice and neat only to put stuff in there when I tidy up elsewhere! It's like Groundhog Day. ann :-)