Monday, November 14, 2011

A little sewing!

A little back story.  Brayden loves, loves, loves the denim blankets with the Mizzou fleece on the back.  He always wants to sleep on, or under one and is very disappointed when it happens to be in the truck!  He asked me if I could make him something from the Mizzou fleece so we came up with scarves for the cold weather that is sure to be here soon.  Of course, Kolby needed one as well!  I love having a project that goes from start to finish in a short time!  I cut them out one day and put them together the next--I had to buy gold thread to sew on the initials or it would have been done in one afternoon!  They love them and my leftover fleece box is much emptier!

I've been cleaning house getting ready for the holidays.  Made pumpkin puree for pies and pumpkin bars yesterday and today-always makes a huge mess but I'm ready for that baking day.  The living room is clean (for at least today) and I made inroads on the kitchen so I accomplished something today, at least.  After dinner, cross-stitch!


Karen said...

Oh, what an excellent idea!

a good yarn said...

Fleece is soooo soft! You are such a good grandma. Making miniature quilts would certainly see my finish rate improve. Any chance I can convince you to share your pumpkin bars recipe? ann :-)