Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introducing Quinn!

I got home last night from a fast trip to Michigan (must go back up there in summer) where I picked up the newest member of the clan.  Everyone meet Quinn!
Checking out the floor vent blowing hot air.

The patio door is very interesting!

She is 10 weeks old tomorrow and weighs about 5 pounds.  Her breeder expects her to be about 17 pounds full grown.  She was a trooper on the drive home yesterday, did not get car sick (a worry of mine as Charley and Kelsey did for so long), slept a lot, etc.  I had intended to take two days to come home but she was doing so well I decided that we'd both be happier if we didn't have to drive today.  She is busy showing me where I need to puppy proof!

On other fronts, I put up all the trees, except one before I left and the house is nearly decorated for Christmas-I'll put up photos on Sunday, link up to Karen's blog party.  The house needs some tidy up and the dryer is yet again awaiting a part (the last repairman broke it fixing it) so unless the part comes in soon it's back to the laundromat! In other words life is returning to normal after Thanksgiving.  I am nearly finished shopping for my immediate family, still have some extended family and friends to find or make gifts for but it isn't even December until tomorrow and I have a stack of boxes in my room ready to wrap!

I'm on a roll!


Andrea said...

She is gorgeous - I will not show Patrick and Jess this picture as they will start pestering me for a pup- with 3cats I just don't think it's a great idea - lol. I hope she settles down well for you and I'm sure she'll be good company - what a fluffy lovely girl she is xxx

a good yarn said...

Oh, what a beatuiful puppy! Such a wonderful addition to your family. ann :-)