Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day with Brayden--getting ready for Turkey Day!

Brayden did not have school today due to Thanksgiving holiday, rather than spend the day at the school's day care he asked to come here.  I said sure but that he'd have to help cook.  Our day in pictures.

While I did things he couldn't help with (making rose apples, cooking giblets and cranberries, etc.) the Author/illustrator set to work on a new book.  Entitled Earth, it featured (among other things) a cruise ship fighting the people who were poisoning the ocean.  (Various forms of fighting feature large right now.)   Then after discovering "red hots" (aka Cinnamon Imperials), which he later declared to be quite "suckable" and sampling some brown sugar he had to go a little crazy on the kitchen floor.
Next he (and Tanya) tore up the bread for the stuffing.  Then he helped knead the dough for the rolls tomorrow!
He declared this to be "very sticky" and could he please wash his hands.  Then it was on to the pie crusts.
He rolled out the biggest part of the crusts for FOUR pies!  Guess it wasn't so sticky.  I told him that after a few more years I wouldn't have to make the pies, I'd just let him!

Then it was outside to help Rob with the Christmas lights.
AFter all that a game or two of Candy Land was played.  He had a very full day, me too.  I'm tired.

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a good yarn said...

What a fantastic day! Such great memories for Brayden. Lunch sounds delicious. Wouldn't mind a piece of pie. Enjoy! ann :-)