Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At last! Final Kitchen photos!

In case you've forgotten here's what it looked like to begin:

And here is what it looks like now:

There are still details to attend to and a few thing to finish.  I need to finish making these:

Plus some decorator stuff, white spoon rests, etc.  But I'll just finish those things up quietly.

I don't know if you can see in the pics but the crock pot is sitting on the counter.  That's because I'm making Pumpkin Butter from the little pumpkins the boys acquired for Halloween.  Those pumpkins are the reason I'm sporting two really cool Spiderman bandaids.  I really must buy some grownup bandaids-or at least princess ones!

Ann asked for a photo of the jar lids I sprayed, on the right is an old zinc lid and on the left the one I sprayed.
Not exactly alike but not too bad either.

So my new Kindle came today, only broken thing left is the dryer and we are still waiting on a part, ;(

The beautiful weather left us today as the temperature fell 40 degrees in just 2 hours.  Now it's raining, pretty hard too, and snow is forecast for tonight and the morning!  That's Missouri for you!


a good yarn said...

It's quite a trnasformation! I love the colours and style. I think the sprayed lids look terrific. More details about Pumpkin Butter please - I've never heard of it. ann :-)

Andrea said...

It is lovely - looks much bigger I think, without the red Walls. A lot of hard work but well worth it - what will you do with all your time now ? Lol . Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx