Saturday, October 8, 2011


Last night I heard that we were to be under a winter storm advisory, up to 7 inches of the white, fluffy stuff.  I hoped they were wrong but. . .
The view here last night was of a valley with homes across the way!  Today's visibility is nil.

Good thing I brought a snow broom and scraper with me!
I have decided to remain here another day.  I am not truly prepared for this weather despite the snow broom, as I did not bring my heaviest coat or snow boots!  (I did bring gloves.)   My truck has rear wheel drive and is horrid in deep snow (Rob, Tanya and I have vivid memories of driving sideways up the hill this past winter!)  I came this route because I had never been this way, so I would like to see what's here not a curtain of white (beautiful but...) and finally my life is worth more than the cost of this hotel room.  Tomorrow should be sunny and warmer and I can continue on.  

Luckily, I packed several projects, books and have free WI-FI!  I have everything in here (remember I had to bring all the food because of the bear-who is probably holed up somewhere sleeping) except the shoes that would be best for the snow, perhaps I'll dig out after it stops snowing but until then I'm making a pot of coffee and settling in!  There will surely be college football and major league baseball on the telly if I can't find a movie-it is after all Saturday.


Lucas said...

Wish I was there... Only a few more weeks and I'm ready for snow! It's 82 and sunny at home today.

a good yarn said...

It looks quite pretty but you must have been surprised. Much better to be safe then sorry. Enjoy your *day off* ann :-)