Monday, October 31, 2011


I can't believe I've been home a week already!  I came home to lovely days in the 70's and chilly nights.  I had to put the flannel sheets on the bed AND another blanket!  I also came home to a dying cell phone, a dead Kindle and a sick dryer!  So I now have an Iphone (4s the newest and somewhat smarter than I am! But I'm learning), The new Kindle will be here in two days.  The dryer is waiting on a part-please let that come soon!  I'm off to the laundromat if it doesn't come soon as clothes are not drying well outside--too cool-- and I haven't a place inside to dry them, urgh.  Please, please, please let it come soon!

Another thing that isn't drying too well is paint!  It is taking two days between coats.  Not that I've been all that interested in painting but those last two doors. . . .  Tomorrow, if I get the kitchen cleaned up again I will take the photos and do the final post, even though it won't be finished--those two pesky doors, new drawer glides and missing parts from IKEA--it's close enough for you to see it but it's a disaster from the weekend.

About the weekend.  When Beth moved into her new house it became harder for me to get the boys for their weekly night at Granna's.  I can get Kolby as he is still at the same day care, but Brayden is in school now--the real killer is that they now live 30 minutes away.  For a while I picked Brayden up and we tried out some new parks, had dinner out and I took him home but it will soon be dark too early (and too cold) for that so Beth and I hit on sleepovers.  This past weekend was the first!  Beth brought Brayden up (and all their stuff!) and after she left, he and I went to get Kolby.  After dinner of Brayden's favorite food, fettucini alfredo, we carved pumpkins.  Brayden did a lot of the work on his himself, even though he had to get the step stool so he could reach inside it, Kolby told me he wanted "round eyes, a smiley face and teeth" so that's what I gave him!  Saturday, Rob and Tanya took them to the pumpkin patch and then to Independence's Halloween parade.  I stayed home and did stuff, like sew on 20 patches-5 on each of their blankets and 10 on mine.  After a dinner of brats and mac n cheese-how lushous- we had movie night.  Sunday, we "raked" leaves.  They did lots of running and jumping in them and were covered up many times.  The pile moved halfway across the back yard!  Brayden said, "I'm never going to forget this day, it's so much fun."  At 5 he might forget but I never will--it was so much fun.

Last of all, on Sunday evening we had Rob's birthday dinner.  He chose  French dip, cheesy potatoes and jello mixed with cool whip for the meal and cheesecake (Jello Instant with canned cherry pie filling-not the cherries just the goop!).  Had a full house, which I love.

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a good yarn said...

What a fabulous time the boys had! Don't be surprised if they remember the day. Years ago I spent the day with my Grandma - baking a butter cake decorated with pink icing and glace cherries. I wore a special apron she had sewn for me. We set out her *special* linen, napkins and tea cups for tea and cake. I was 5 years old and have never forgotten that special day. ann :-)