Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Home

On Thursday, I drove over the mountains and into Denver.  First, I did some shopping at a quilt shop in Grand Junction (bought a couple of new books on sale-like I need more quilt books!), as well as a yarn shop and an antique shop.  I wasn't in any hurry as it is only a 4-5 hour drive over the pass and both my brother and sister-in-law had to work- wasn't much point in getting there too early.  Timed it just right, my brother got home 10 minutes before I got there!  We had a nice dinner out with friends of theirs in from Taos, a very enjoyable evening.

I got up early on Friday and hit the highway home.  600 miles from Denver to Independence-took a long time.  Mostly because after two weeks of driving the southwest every joint in my body hurt!  So, I had to stop every little bit, if I made it 100 miles I was very lucky!  Pulled into my driveway a little before 8pm, unloaded only what I HAD to, took a shower and crashed! It's amazing how great a shower in your own bath-the one with great hot water and great water pressure-can feel.

Slept until 9 Saturday and felt dull-witted all day!  Rob unloaded all the IKEA stuff and I finished up with the rest of the truck, then opened boxes until I found the instructions.  Decided real quick that I wasn't up to assembly and left it lie.

Slept until 8:30 this morning but am feeling up to thinking today!  So I plan to assemble, later.  First, there's a soccer game and I need to go visit my Dad.  Also going to look at new cell phone plans as my phone has all but died.  And I need to call Amazon as my Kindle met with demise, again.  I'll be busy for a couple of days then I'll post the entire Kitchen redo for the last time, I promise.


Andrea said...

Hurray - nowhere like home :-). I have really enjoyed travelling along with you via your blog. Looking forward to seeing a completed kitchen in all it's glory xxx

a good yarn said...

It's exhausting getting home, unpacking and straightening out life again. Still, it's been an incredible adventure and I have enjoyed sharing it. ann :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home for your trip. I'm looking forward to reading through the posts, as I've been overwhelmed of late and haven't had a chance to follow along.

Karen said...

There's no place like home!!!