Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Six --oops?

So I began the day by traveling into New Mexico to Aztec Ruins National Monument.  I really liked this site.  Very accessible and they gave us an interpretative booklet (on loan) to read.  The booklet included oral history which goes along with the site.  Maybe the best part for me, I love oral histories.  This was once at places three stories high, used mostly for ceremonies.  There is a grand Kiva there that has been reconstructed, so cool.  Photos next, when you see the doorways, I had to stoop down (sometimes a lot) and I am 5'3" and some were very narrow--reminded me of Scott's telling me about the Irish Castle they went to.
Saw a little wildlife---
That rabbit had the longest ears!  (I've seen other wildlife on this trip--mule deer, antelope, birds etc).

Headed on down the road west, had planned to do the South rim of the Grand Canyon as well as a couple of other places but somewhere around Shiprock, New Mexico I jigged when I should have jagged (or something) and by the time I figured out where I was I was 18 miles north of Gallup!  Almost due south of where I started!  Oh well, I needed an Interstate break anyway!  To far to go back so I'm flexible, I went to Painted Desert National Park and Petrified Forest National Park, which are one and the same in two parts.  The Painted desert was very pretty, look and see

The Petrified forest was really cool!  These were huge, some very long, some long but broken, some you can count the rings on, some you can see the bark-all different but all amazing!
It's greener here than I remember from the other times I've driven through, maybe they've had more rain than before?  Some people love the southwest, find it breathtakingly beautiful-I am not one of those people.  What can I say-I like the plains and the mountains but to each his own.

I'm in Flagstaff tonight.  It's kind of a mixed bag of emotions as the last time I was here Larry was with me.  I drove past the hotel we stayed in and the Chili's where we ate.  It was weird and kind of lonely, oh well.


a good yarn said...

Fossilised tree stumps. Millions of years old. Fantastic! Those views are min blowing. Flagstaff, Arizona? Makes me think of all those Western movies.

Lucas said...

Very Jealous - Next time I'm coming along... I wish we had the time to drive it next time and also the patience to be in the car that long with the kids, but I don't see that happening, I think planes are in our future...

Or we could drive it and Beth and fly with the kids (I wonder if she's be there waiting or not....)