Monday, October 17, 2011

Catching up!

I've been bad.  Actually, I've been too tired at night to post anything.  I'm going to try and catch up now.

Saturday, Steve and I took Nora to the Zoo.  It was crazy!  Kids get in free in October and folks were really taking advantage of it!  Added to that Steve's foot began to really hurt so we rode the bus around and just walked around the Koalas (who were actually somewhat awake, shocker), and the Rhinos, (who were begging for food-I kid you not), and the Giraffes.
Isn't she a doll?

On Daddy's very tall shoulders puts her up there with the giraffes!

Oh no, not another Jayhawk fan!

After the zoo we headed off to Candice's parents' house for a yummy dinner of Tacos, present opening and Cake!
She really knows what to do with a package and blew out her own candles!

On Sunday, we drove up to Julian, Ca for pie!  Yummo!  A really pretty drive up and another, different one on the way back.  Even had a nice little walk at a very windy scenic overlook!

This morning I met Steve for breakfast before heading north and east.  Well, I decided to run up to Cabrillo National Monument (one of my favorite places in San Diego).  Unfortunately, while it was a lovely sunny day in San Diego proper it was VERY foggy up at Cabrillo.  I heard the fighter jets fly over, couldn't see them, heard the helicopter-again couldn't see them.  Couldn't see the ocean or the bay so on I went.  I wanted to go back to the Fat Quarters Quilt shop north off I-5.  I really thought I could find it again, but I had to resort to Samatha (the GPS) which was apparently set to stay away from freeways and that took forever.  Once I found it-I didn't buy a thing :(  Anyway, Samatha (the GPS) and I duked it out and got to the I-15.  Stayed on that one until I got to Barstow where I picked up I-40.  I don't think I've ever been on this particular stretch of I-40, I have to say I didn't miss much.  The mountains in the distance are pretty but it's barren out there.  You can see a really long way though and I saw many very long freight trains.  They always remind me of the "push me-pull me" from Doctor Doolittle with engines at both ends.  Anyway, I stopped at Kingman, AZ for the night.  I plan to crash very soon!

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