Sunday, September 11, 2011

A short kitchen update.

In the past week only one visible thing has been finished in the kitchen.
The floating shelves!  I still need to repaint jar lids-they get a hammered pewter color which mimics the zinc lids on  some of the antique jars and make labels.  I like to have everything close at hand when I cook and bake so this arrangement works quite well for me.

I've finished painting the first set of doors and have begun the second.  Found space for a few more this time and have found a way to shave a day off the whole process so I am hoping to finish all the doors by this time next week.  I think I'll wait to hang them until they are all finished and the handles arrive.

I've also been stripping multiple layers of paint off the two windows I bought and Rob has made me a bookcase (for my cook books).  All will need painted.  I have the trim and my brother, Bobby, is going to rip some board for the kick space-that will need paint as well.  I am really starting to hate this painting!  But,  things are coming together, thank goodness.

The counter(bench) tops are due in Tuesday, I say due in because I was told it was the earliest they would be here.  The truck only comes once a week so if they don't come this week it will be the Tuesday after.  I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this week!


Lucas said...

I like the shelves.

a good yarn said...

The shleves look good and I hope we will get a close-up of the jar lids once they have been painted. It's a neat idea. It has been a lot of painting but it does look terrific! ann :-)