Monday, August 29, 2011


Today, I finished painting the cabinet boxes and fronts.  Thank goodness.  No more oil paint until the doors and drawer fronts come-have no idea when that will be, soon I hope.  I spent the rest of the day getting part of my gardens back in shape from the heat and cleaning house.  I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I last cleaned my bathroom!  So photos:

You'll have to imagine the doors and drawer fronts painted white and installed ;) but you can tell where I'm headed.  The back splash is here as is the new sink (I think I have to buy drain parts for that) just waiting on the new countertops.  Tomorrow afternoon Rob and I will go buy the bamboo flooring, maybe we will put it down on Wednesday or Thursday.  The shelves for the big open space are on order as well, so it's all beginning to come together.  I think my plan is working out, it's just slower than I would have liked.  That true of all remodeling projects!


a good yarn said...

Gail, the new fresh colour combo is a winner! Bamboo flooring will partner really well with it too. Question is, when it's all finished will you be able to bring yourself to use it? Ann :-)

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of green, but I do like the shade you used. And what? You don't like the "open" cabinet look;-)

blessings, jilly