Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Update, two

No pictures this week as I doubt you'd notice anything much different!  I have been working at it some each day and I 'd be further along but I keep running out of joint compound! and sandpaper!  I can say that with the exception of the tile on the floor (coming out before the bamboo goes down)  all the "destruction" phase is complete.  I thought that several times but each time I'd find just one or two more things to take down or out!  I have begun sanding the cabinets as well as applying joint compound (when I haven't run out) and sanding that.  Needless to say we are washing everything in the kitchen before be open it or use it-there is just no way to keep the dust out!

Beth and her family are in their new home, settling in.  It will take a while to be completely settled but progress is being made.  I kept the boys during yesterdays move (no kitchen work), took them dinner and cookies the boys had made (okay I "helped") and made up the beds.  It's always good to have the bed ready when your kids are tired and cranky and you are tired and cranky!  Today I went down for a bit and folded clothes,  also got Kolby down for a nap.  Larry always said anyone would go to sleep rather than listen to me sing!  Actually, Kolby likes to hear me sing and can do it while we rock for quite some time unless he's really tired!

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a good yarn said...

It's a big job to renovate a kitchen but you seem to be tackling it at a steady pace. Ann :-)