Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where does the time go?

I swear it was just the first of June!  I've been trying to finish some indoor projects for a while, not really making any progress on anything.  I just seem to be spinning my wheels these days.  About the only progress I've seen is the recovery of the backyard parking area from the weeds! Sigh.  Maybe, this month.

Last night the "fam" went out to Blue Springs for their fireworks display, what a lovely night it was!  Very comfortable-it's always great when the heat doesn't affect your enjoyment.  The display was 30 minutes of BIG fireworks, I especially like the chrysanthemums and the waterfalls.  As Tanya says we girls like our "bling" even in fireworks!  The boys shot off a few little fireworks here at the house before we went and poor Zoe did not like it when Tanya set off the string of fire crackers, she made a bee line for the house and took me with her!  She tolerated the big display really well though.

Rob has headed home from California.  He has an interview here on Friday, with Sprint.  All fingers and toes are crossed here!  He still likes the beach but he can vacation there, and our cost of living is less here in the heartland so he might be able to afford that vacation.  It will be good to have him back, I missed him.  I miss Steve and Scott, too, sometimes it's almost unbearable!  I really love it when we can all be together, such a fun group!

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a good yarn said...

Where has half a year gone! I seem to be going nowhere fast these days but have made some progress on a hand piecing project. We have had big winds here - thankfully no damage but lots of big tress came down in the Blue Mountains and on the South Coast. Thousands without power making for a very long, cold night indeed. We have our big fireworks dislay on New Years Eve. It's amazing what they can do with it all. Glad you had a lovely evening! Ann :-)