Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's cross stitch update, and maybe other stuff

It's just too hot to spend any time outside today.  Still under a heat advisory, so 105-110F heat indices mean that I stay in unless I just have to go out.  Think we are supposed to have a tiny reprieve tomorrow and maybe Thursday, if so (and it isn't raining) I'll work out in back again.  I've been tackling some financial related stuff-always my favorite- and my office/sewing room, again.  Those two things just never seem to go away!

In keeping with the title of this post, Bri it is begun!

This is the stocking Bri choose:
Again, the toe is pointing in the wrong direction to hang with all the others (and I am not about to begin again).  So, I'm working it in reverse, which isn't really as horrid as it sounds once you have your eye on!
This is how far I've come, there's a long way to go.  I hope to have it finished well before Christmas, that means I have to stitch every day-oh, darn!


a good yarn said...

What if I trade some our cold wintry days for some of your heat? It's only been about 11 degC here (yes alright, we Aussies are pretty wimpy when it comes to the cold and wouldn't last a week in a proper winter!). **chuckle**. Bri has chosen a lovely design. Stay cool, Ann :-)

sweet lemonade gal said...

Starting another??? I would stitch the deer and call it a
day;-) Seriously. Sorry about the hot weather...something I always hated when I lived in Riverside. A perfect 75 degrees today. I know it will not last.

blessings, jilly