Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday in the Garden

Moss Rose Portulaca, volunteers
There isn't much blooming in the gardens right now, it's just too hot! So I have some garden-related photos instead.
The nursery, wild lupine seedlings.  The wire is too protect them from our chipmunk!
Mexican Heather
Non-stop begonia
Jasmine and Million flowers.
I have made a little progress on the wall in the back.  The end at the deck is done (much digging to do on that end)  and I'm beginning to head down the yard.  I have to re-do a bit tomorrow as I noticed while mowing that it didn't seem level.  Sure enough, in spite of the fact that I was using the level, each block is level but the run is not.  How does that happen?  I have been pulling weeds everywhere, and more to do tomorrow, as the flower beds need some work.  I wish someone would tell me why the weeds don't mind the heat but the flowers do!

Off to make BELTS for supper!  Tomatoes from my plants, yummo!

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a good yarn said...

I've never seen Mexican heather before - it's very pretty. Our manadarin tree is being trashed daily by a flock of hungry cockatoos who make a dreadful mess in the process. The fruit is very small but very sweet. Our garden is suffering from cold winds and little rain. BTW - what are BELTS? Ann :-)