Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow, Where Have I Been?

It's been a whole week since I posted?  Can not be, can it?  So I've been up to the usual-housework, garden work, a little computer work and a very little sewing.  I'm beginning to find my groove with the addition of the daily workouts.  I added swimming every day to the whole (for about 20 minutes-when the pool isn't full), also stepped up the resistance on the machines.  It's still too early to tell any changes but I enjoy it.  That statement it really unbelievable!!  Me enjoy a workout?!  It seemed unlikely but it's true.  I really love the swimming-I'm way out of practice but I'm getting there.  It would be lovely to be able to once again SWIM the length of the pool.  The pool is also the only source of frustration with the gym, finding it with a lane open that is.  I think that when my two years is up I'll just put a lap pool in whatever house I'm living in, add an eliptical and a bowflex!  Ha-Ha, right after I win the lottery.

There has been some progress on some projects but nothing to show and I'm feeling overwhelmed by them again.  Really need to finish SOMETHING, that keeps me going, but all the things it would be wonderful to have done are a long ways off.  That makes it hard to not start something new but so far I've been holding off!

I'm really happy with the way my front garden is coming along this year.  After all the wall building and addition of new plants it is really looking nice, not yet mature but much better than before.  I filled some big pots with pretty flowers (photos later) and arranged then around the bench (which I really must clean when I finish this) and when the shade is thick it's a lovely place to sit.  The shade is less thick this year with two trees missing that used to shade the front of the house but it's still a nice place to sit and wait for Beth or perhaps to sit and read.  Now if I can get the grass to grow in the bare spots left by tree stumps. . .  .

Not much going on.  I really must get to work- my desk is a disaster (so what else is new?) and I have a choir robe mock-up to sew and get in the mail for Steve plus, plus, plus.  I keep thinking that my life will slow down and have fewer things on my TO DO list but it never happens, sigh.  Feel like I'm running in place.

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sweet lemonade gal said...

That last line is very funny. I am far busier as an empty nester, that I ever was as a Mom. My son was in Boy Scouts, played baseball, basketball and all our church stuff.

blessings, jilly
ps. I moved over here