Monday, June 27, 2011

More Storms.

Apparently, we had another storm last night.  About 2 inches of rain here at my house and no real damage around this part of town but a friend of my lost a huge limb from a heritage tree which they might now have to cut down.  It's sad to lose a 150 year old tree!  At least it didn't fall on her 150 year old house!  

Scott and I had a great time together over the weekend, pulling weeds from over-grown walkways and along the drive. Coco thought it great fun to grab the great long pieces of grass and play tug of war with them!  We laid out his front garden and he put in more castle bricks for the front garden wall, while I pulled grass from the new beds.  We trimmed his oak tree a bit and then decided he needed a pro to really get it up to shape!  Bonding over plants and weeds- how fun is that.  (I must me odd to find that fun!)  While we were weeding Bris was painting and decorating.  Lots of good visiting to be had!

Today, I'm tidying the house getting ready to pick up Kolby for the evening.  Hoping to get in a little stitching but it's too wet to work outside!

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