Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm behind, again.

Life sometimes gets away from me!  It has outdistanced me for sure lately but I think I may be close to catching up.  I've been behind ever since Rob's graduation party.  It got worse when I joined the gym and started working out daily.  I took my brother's advice (he's been working out for years and years) to go first thing in the morning but that just didn't work for me.  Mostly, because I couldn't get there early enough to work out and then swim before classes in the pool, which caused me no end of frustration! Finally, last week I began going about 1:30pm and this is working much better for me-I get my housework/yard work done before I go then come home and fix dinner.  I have the gardens mostly caught up, except for trimming bushes and digging up oak trees (the never ending chore here!)  Well, I could dig up wild strawberries all day every day for a month (or longer) before I came close to getting them all out of the grass and then I could start on a multitude of other weeds in the lawn, but I won't.  For all the cool, wet weather we had in April and May, June is turning into a trip to the equator!  We literally went from the 60's one day to the 90's the next!  Along with the 90's came high humidity and air quality issues (which I have to heed as my asthma is trying to act up.)  So it's early morning for yard work, once it gets too hot I head inside.

I think one or two more days and I'll have the inside of the house caught up and I can work on projects again.  Most nights I've been too tired to even pick up a needle.  I am not a hot weather person, never have been, never will be.  I don't sleep well and begin to feel caged in when it's hot.  I like the cold, it was only in the 50's in Montana today-sounds good!  It's funny but in the cold I don't mind being inside as much as when everything is green outside my window.

I'm hoping for a few project updates later on, as well as another one on the gardens soon.  Just need to take the camera out for pics!

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