Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lost Days

This week has had two lost days in it!  On Monday I had planned to clean my house top to bottom, just as I always do on Mondays.  Things have gotten into quite a mess and the work needed to be done so I began in my room, finished it in a snap then moved on to the sewing room/office which was going to be a slower go as always things were piled high.  I cleared my cutting table, mostly, cut binding for the quilt in the frame, etc and had started in on the desk when "crash"  the legs on one end of the cutting table just caved in.  It went in the trash yesterday.  My sewing room/office is a full space, move or remove one thing and everything has to be moved and re-ordered!  So instead of getting my house clean I spent the rest of the day  ordering that space.  One day lost.

On Tuesdays I volunteer at the historical society, that went as usual but I never get any work done on that day.

Today, after my water aerobics class I came home to start again on the cleaning.  Sat down to check email etc when the storm alarms began blaring.  My first thought was "It's Wednesday, they are testing" only they don't test when we are in the severe storms bubble so I pulled up the local radar and yelled to Rob "I think this could be something!"  After packing up the laptop and grabbing my go bag I headed to the basement (the safest place in severe storms).  Rob turned on the TV and we sat listening to the blare of sirens and watching the radar as tornado after tornado was sighted.  Luckily, all but one were touch down and pull back up into the clouds.  No real damage was done in the metro but one took out some of Sedalia (about 1 hour east of here.)  It was scary, Beth's work was in the predicted path of about 5 and my house in the path of two.  It all turned out well but it was another lost day as the low pressure area that caused the storms was approaching and passing over and that always gives me a headache!  So it was medication and bed for a while.

I hope tomorrow is better, I would really like to see the sun for a few days so my gardens will dry out and I can get the weeds out!  The grass needs cut and the list goes on and on and on.  I did like water aerobics though.  Ah well a good night's sleep and all will be well!

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Deb said...

We've been seeing the devestation on our tv here in New Zealand and our hearts go out to the folks who have lost so much. We know first hand what it feels likeand have empathy now!!