Monday, May 23, 2011


As you probably know the city of Joplin, Missouri was struck by a mile wide F-5 (the highest rating there is, the scale is based on the damage caused)  tornado yesterday.  30% of the city is gone, including the hospital, the high school, Walmart and Home Depot.  75% of the city is damaged in varying degrees.  News crews and aid workers had to walk in as the debris was so deep, xrays from the hospital were found 70 miles away, and there are 89 confirmed dead.  That number is expected to rise.  If that isn't bad enough, today they were slammed again with high winds and heavy rains.  Three other Missouri towns and at least one in Kansas were also hit but by smaller tornados.  The only thing one can feel is sorrow for those who have lost everything, or loved ones in these storms.  Our weather man said just last week that it had been a mild tornado season here-guess that has changed now.  We are in the bubble for damaging storms today and tomorrow although it is believed to be wind, hail and heavy rain, not tornados.  Forecasting tornados and storm warnings have improved so much since I was a child, we have so much more warning now.  I am grateful for that.

If you don't know exactly where Joplin is-it's about 3 hours south of Kansas City on Interstate 44, almost in Kansas.  (Think, middle of the country for KC then go south.)

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a good yarn said...

I saw some images this morning Gail and have to admit I was worried about how close this was to you. The incredible power and force of nature is awsome (in the traditional meaning) and I can't begin to imagine how the survivors and families are coping with it all. I'm confident that Missouri folks are pretty tough and resilient and that they will be supported by those around them. Ann :-)