Monday, April 18, 2011


I brought these wonderful, fragrant lilacs into the house from the yard yesterday, every time I walk into the kitchen I take a big SNIFF!  It's just so sad that the flowers don't last any longer, so while they are here I'll be walking down to the bush and SNIFFING!

It is official, April is my least favorite month of the year! One day I'm digging out my shorts, sleeveless tops and flip flops- the next I'm wearing jeans, a sweater and wishing I'd gotten out my long johns! (Okay, didn't really need the long johns.)  It would be pleasant if it just leveled off!  I'm really hoping for a warm, dry day on 6 May for Rob's graduation party, I really don't know where we will put everyone if it rains or is cold!  (Had that problem for Beth's Master's walk.)

I'm still trying to spring clean the house but for some reason it is going really slowly, drag, drag, drag.  It could have something to do with the fact that there was a new release from Nora Roberts last week.  It will get done this week!  I need to sit and sew again!

Well, I'm off to make little x's.

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a good yarn said...

Such beautiful lilacs! Enjoy their fleeting beauty while you can. We had a hot day today - Saturday I had everything on - scarf the lot! It was nice to be in a sun filled room though. Hope the storms are still passing you by. Ann :-)