Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doctor's update.

Today I got to visit with my hand specialist the lovely Dr Elton.  I have  been having pain in my left wrist for several months, at first I thought it needed rest but it's rested as much as it can and it still hurt so off I went to the primary care MD for a referral.  It took awhile to get it but at last I was able to get in to see her.  First, she asked about was the right hand-the Dupuytrens hand.  When I saw her with it last summer I had two bumps in my palm and the beginnings of a strand, I now have four bumps and three strands.  My last three fingers will be affected it seems but they are still straight not curving towards my palm.  It seems to be moving along more rapidly than I expected and she said the same.  There are some new treatments now, lazer and some shots that dissolve the tissue, I am hoping they will work for me when the time comes as the surgery requires pretty extensive therapy after.  Anyway, about my wrist.  The x-rays showed nothing but a spot of arthur at the base of my thumb and after much probing etc she hit a spot that HURT!  So the out come of all this is--tendonitis.  She thinks.  I had one of her lovely miracle shots (cortisone) and will return in 5 weeks.  It's a bit sore tonight. I'm really hoping it works as gardening season is upon us!

After I left her office I asked Samatha the GPS (also known as Sam or The B***h) to direct me to Libby's office so we could go out to lunch.  We haven't done that in quite a long time, it's nice to just be able to visit with her without the boys.  We're planning to do it again when I go back in April.

Well I'm off again for another exciting night of . . . wait for it. . . stitchery!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just drive you nuts that you can go to this doctor and that doctor and finally after like forever, they tell you it "might" be...

Went through that with my anemia. I went through an electrocardiogram because they thought it was my heart. Not fun!!

To bad we don't live closer, maybe then we could start an exciting stitching group;-)

blessings, jilly

a good yarn said...

Gosh Gail, you've had a difficult time with those hands but even so you are a remarkable lady and get through a good deal more things than I seem to. I hope the injections/laser work for you. Ann :-)

secondofwett said...

Ah Gail, it would seem that we have something in commom...painful hands and wrists....if I do any repetetive action or use anything that has a vibration, then I get's not fun to be sure...I must admit, over the years, I have learned to baby them....a lot of things I wont even attempt, like gardening or I'll pay for it for days...hope the cortizone works for you...thanks for stopping by!