Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do not try this, so stupid!

So Jilly over at Jillyshappyquilts asked if we had done anything as stupid lately as she had (read all about it on her blog).  At the time I could only come up with stepping off the second step of the three step stool which I do nearly every time I get on the thing.  I must admit I did something much worse last week.

This is one of the tables in my office/sewing room.  I use it for a couple of things as you can see, cutting and pressing mostly although it rarely looks this good.  Most of the time it's set up this way and the iron is plugged into a surge protector which I use to turn it off and on.  Last week I had taken the iron to another room to do the actual ironing (there is not room in here for the big ironing board too) and when I brought it back I just set it down.  A couple of days later I was squaring up some blocks when that rotary cutter just whizzed right into the cord for the iron!  Big POP!!
Truthfully, I didn't think it was even plugged in but it was stupid not to move it. I wasn't hurt, didn't even get a shock. Can you see the chunk that POP took out of the rotary blade?  Needless to say I had to get out the other iron.  (I don't like this one, it doesn't heat very hot or produce much heat even though it is fairly new.)
So I'm serious about not trying it!  Go on all of you have a good laugh!

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a good yarn said...

Good gracious! I'm so relieved your weren't injured. A lucky break. Ann :-)