Sunday, March 20, 2011


I promised a photo of the amaryllis when they opened so here they are. Very pretty but dang it it's not December! Closer, I guess, than June but geesh.

I'm back today from Columbia. Went down yesterday for my MIL's 80th birthday party. I think she enjoyed it and she got lots of fun things in "80's" which was fun. I spent some time at the park with Scott, Bri and Libby's bunch. It had started to sprinkle but Columbia has such an awesome playground that the boys played until the slide began to get too slick and propel them off the end! All the boys large and small had a great time, although the big ones may be sore today! It began to rain in ernest as we loaded up, Libby's gang headed back to KC and I went back to Scott's apartment where we enjoyed a good visit and I slept over on the couch. I headed home about 11ish. Today is a gorgeous spring day, clear warm and windy! I hope we don't begin getting the torrents of rain we often have in the spring, the ground is saturated already with water standing every where, I won't take many big rains before flooding becomes an issue.
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