Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another day bites the dust!

It snowed today, big fat wet flakes, for about 15 minutes.  Nothing stuck to anything.  Forecast is for 1-4 before morning but I don't know if we'll actually get anything.  I did say it would snow since I have all my flower beds uncovered!  It is cold and gray as well.

Today, I tidied up my office, found my desk (again, sigh, seems to be a daily event!) and did my taxes.  Boy did I underestimate the time needed for that, even using TurboTax.  I still have some copies needed for my Missouri taxes but that's a no brainer, I just need to buy ink for my printer.  I also gathered up the necessary stuff for my one last piece of paper work but again I need ink for the printer before I can finish that.  Maybe I'll go get that tomorrow.  I've been working on entering to the computers the stuff I've gathered for the Town of Kansas book but it's slow going and again, I need to print some things-no ink.  Really must go buy ink!

I had hoped to get the sashing on the "See What You Started" quilt but no.  I don't like doing important stuff late in the day-my eyes begin to ache and I make stupid mistake.  I will do that tomorrow.  I bought the backing and batting for it yesterday, and the backing is in the washer as I type.

I'm off now to make more of those little tiny x's!  Photos again soon.

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