Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kolby's Travel Memories Quilt

Since the thermometer took a nose dive and hit single digits with a nasty wind driving it even lower I finished Kolby's Travel Memories Quilt. I had finished Brayden's right at Christmas and now they both have them. We will all contribute patches along the way, at least I will. The two patches in the middle are: Ireland, which I brought to him, and one from Germany that Larry had in his things. I made pillow covers for each of them from the scraps. As soon as I've visited Walmart for the pillows I'll post a photo of them. The pillows will be just the right size for long car trips and for use in their "fort" (under Brayden's bed.) I've been cleaning house at least some each day and am about to get caught up again. If I could just keep up everyday it wouldn't get in such a state, sigh. Alas, I'm just not that interested! Not much going on, some bread baking, some reading, etc. Had a nice long chat with my Dad and one with Rob this week. Skyped with Steve and Nora as well. She has such an engaging smile! I'm smiling just thinking of it. Saw the Eiman's last night, the boys didn't have "school" this week due to the weather, which means no picking them up for play at Granna's house. Brayden could hardly wait to play with the new Space Shuttle play set. Kolby got insanely excited about "bubbles" in the kitchen(what can soap hurt a dirty floor?)
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Anonymous said...

Gosh I didn't see(until today) the post about the travel quilt you did in December. What a cool idea! Dieter has a jacket he never wears with patches from all the places he went compliments of the Navy. I show him your quilts and see what he saids. Just what I need...another project.