Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catch up with the doings here.

For those of you that don't know I was actually on the Ireland trip from October 1 to 17th.  The laptop I have is Larry's old one and has a ten-key pad on the side making it too long for my backpack (and it's so heavy), because of that and knowing I would have to lug it everywhere for two weeks I decided to leave it at home.  Hearing several moans and groans due to that decision I came up with the following plan:  I would take a journal and write the blog every day, then when I got home I would send out one blog a day on the trip.  It was a rough draft only and I didn't get the last four days written but it was a good guide when I began the blog entries. 

Back at home I spent most of the first week getting my body back in the correct time zone!  That 6 hour time difference just killed me on both ends.

The next week I had four trees taken out and four trees trimmed, meaning I listened to the sound of chain saws for two days, unable to go anywhere due to the 4,000 pound weight attached to my truck, the travel trailer. I had set this up in July and had to wait for them to get to me as they are quite busy. The yard looks great, much more open and spacious.  I'm glad it's done, one of the maples had borers in the stump and it would have taken out the power lines had it fallen.  I'll miss the woodpeckers though.

The day after the tree people finished my brother began a remodel of my hall bath, a project long on the "To do" list.  I'll try it post a photo but it's such a small room that it's difficult. Every room in the house has either the stuff out of the bathroom or the new stuff stored in it making any other work impossible and useless, so when it's finished I have to deep clean everything to be ready for Thanksgiving.

I nearly have the yard, house and truck ready for cold weather.  I should finish that today as well as painting the bath.  I have a little painting to finish outside which I should get to tomorrow as it's to be fairly warm.  Then I will only need tube sand in the truck bed.  I like to get everything ready early for a couple of reasons:  Missouri weather is highly unpredictable (to say the least) and the stores often sell out of things if we have a big storm, ice melt in particular.

No sewing to report, I've been kind of lazy, I've had the time just haven't gotten the desire.  Coming back off vacation I find it hard to get back in the grove!

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