Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ireland trip Day 2, New York and beyond

I left the hotel about 10:30 via hotel shuttle to O'Hare.  It was a couple of hours before I needed to go but I wanted to look for a phone charger to replace the one I left at home.  I found one five minutes after I cleared security!  I think it was the first shop I came to, sigh.  So I wandered around and got lots of exercise!  In my wanderings I found a charging station and you guessed it, charged my phone.  Caught up on all the messages waiting for me, sent texts and so on.  Then wandered some more, read some, now I am looking out the window at all the activity.  Lots of planes-this is a very busy airport.  In addition to planes on the taxi ways there are shuttle buses and cars coming and going, very strange.  It was quite cloudy but is beginning to clear, that brilliant, hard blue sky that we have in the fall and winter.  Boarding time for Kennedy airport New York soon.  More later.

It's later!  I am sitting in a different airport, JFK.  New York is a BIG busy city (I can't see a bit of it!) and it's airport, JFK, is busy and big as well.  It is 6:25 pm at home and 7:25 pm here.  We leave for Shannon about 10:15pm New York time and fly for about 7 hours before landing at 9:50am Irish time.  I'll never know what time it is!

Sorry, this post and the last one have been photo free, the camera's packed in my backpack and it seems too much trouble to get it out!

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