Saturday, June 27, 2009

At Kris and Owen's trailer camp

After driving straight for three days (with no internet in spite of the broadband card) we arrived here in Monroe City, Mo at Larry's sister and her husband's trailer camp. We've heard about it for a couple of years and have hoped and promised Kris that we'd come for a weekend etc. so we are here for tonight and tomorrow we are going on to Columbia and then home. Leaving the trailer here as we will be back on Wednesday or Thursday to celebrate the fourth, it's nice of them to let us leave it here as it is much easier to drive without it. Their camp is very nice, level (which can't be understated in my opinion) and very well thought out. I'm beginning to feel like I have the knowledge to have an opinion on campgrounds having been in so many lately! Owen has the grounds looking lovely and did I mention that the site is FLAT and LEVEL?

We drove through what seemed like the entire state of Wisconsin, north to south, and parts of Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri although not necessarily in that order! We stayed in a couple of campgrounds, the last one in WI was at Dodgeville and was on top of a hill, it was very lovely and quiet although not at all level. I really like the southwest corner of Wisconsin, rolling hills with a nice mix of trees and green fields. Very open, very tidy as well. I like states that are tidy which my own is not. I mean I don't like seeing neglected houses and barns falling in on themselves or cars and other trash about on the ground--makes me want to tell someone to "just clean it up!" or get busy cleaning it up myself! (I kind of like cleaning up big messes.)

We are learning better how to use "Samatha" the GPS but she still wants to go her way and gets cranky when we go another way (probably won't happen when we get better at programming her, Please God.) so I understand why some folks call her the "b---h!" Got a couple of blocks done on SWYS but have decided that I will finish that one on the machine--too repetative for me right now and I'd like to finish in this lifetime.

We heard this evening that Larry's mom is in the hospital in Columbia so we'll be stopping by on our way home tomorrow afternoon/evening. We have a lot of shuffling between truck and trailer to do first thing, to take what we need at home and leave what we'll need here.

There's a storm blowing in so I'm going to close this up and unplug etc for bed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, headed towards home tomorrow

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted! We spent two days in Bayfield, Wi where we took the Apostile Island Tour. Larry was a little worried as it was a 3 and 1/2 hour cruise and Gilligan went on a three hour cruise and you know what happened to him! Our tour was uneventful in that area. There 6 lighthouses on different Apostle islands and we cruised by the one on Raspberry Island and the one on Devil's Island. (Sorry, I didn't take digital pics so you have to wait until my film is developed or I get to see Larry's digitals!) It was a little rough at Devil's because we were actually on Lake Superior instead of within the protected bay of the Apostles, and it was COLD on the water! We each had on sweaters and jackets and were grateful we didn't have seats up in the open. I visited a couple of quilt shops there as well and bought some more fabric.

We left there yesterday and stopped of to see the light at Ontonagan, MI again no digitals from me, sorry. I really prefer film! We stopped here in Houghton, MI for two nights in the most wonderful site! It backs up to Portage Lake (which isn't really a lake but a part of Superior which cuts part of the peninsula into an island.)

Today we went on another boat ride, much shorter and in a much smaller boat! We rode out to the Copper Harbor Lighthouse. For the first time this trip we got to go inside a lighthouse instead of just looking at it. So many of the lighthouses on Lake Superior can only be accessed by water and ferries etc don't run to all that many. On the way back we toured the Eagle Harbor light as well.

So that's all of the Great lakes for now and we head south into the heat tomorrow. Thank goodness the trailer has Air conditioning!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 2 in Duluth

Today we went sightseeing in Duluth. I visited two quilt shops, bought one piece of fabric which has the names of lakes in Minnesota printed on blue and one piece with the gorgeous lupines which grow by the road here. I also got some patterns, a Duluth photo piece that's designed as a pillow but which I will make into a small wall hanging. All good memory pieces. We went over to Superior WI (just across the river) and found, finally, the visitor's center which happened to be inside the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center. This is another WWII museum, pacific arena mostly, Richard Bong way a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from Wisconsin. They had a P-38 inside, very cool. Apparently, we have a WWII theme going this year! WWII veterans are so amazed when one thanks them for their service, I try to do it whenever I meet one.

Tomorrow we travel back into Wisconsin along the south shore of Lake Superior (we did the North Shore on the lake on our Minnesota trip two years ago.) We will be camping in Bayfield, WI for the next two nights. I want to take a ride out to the Apostle Islands and see the lighthouses from the water. Well, that's the only way to see them! More quilt shops on the agenda as well! Maybe there will be photos of fabric and the lake tomorrow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday evening in Duluth, that's Minnesota.

Driving up today from Ham Lake (strange name) I realized that this year we have been on nearly the entire length of Interstate 35! We didn't quite follow it all the way south as we stopped in Austin,Texas and we missed a bit in Oklahoma but we've traveled the rest. Some sections several times. I do have to say that next to Oklahoma, Minnesota has the WORST roads! Every time we open the door to the trailer we wonder what has migrated to the floor. Once today it was the carton of spun honey (adult honey, kids) which was a huge mess and left a sticky spot on the floor. (Now I'll have to break out the mop!)

Every time we go out in the trailer for a longish trip one or both of the dogs get sick. This time is no exception. Kelsey refused to eat. For 48 hours. I was so worried I told Larry we'd have to go home if she wouldn't eat the rice I made her. Luckily she has wolfed it down and is much more her usual self. They are getting so old. I love to take them along on our trips as so many people talk to us!

Internet has been spotty even with the broadband card but so far we haven't had to hunt for a phone "hot spot."

We are staying here for two nights to do some sightseeing in Duluth before continuing on into Wisconsin. It is some cooler here than at home and no severe weather expected. A nice break.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On the raod again!

We managed to carve out a couple of weeks between events to take a little trip in the trailer so we're headed to Lake Superior, the Wisconsin side this time. Tonight we're near Des Moines, so we had to make a run to Woodsmith, Larry's favorite store, and have dinner at Machine Shed, of course. Tomorrow we're heading up to Minneapolis where we plan to look at some different trailers, Larry would really like something a bit bigger and I have been intrigued by the Artic Fox trailers for quite a while. Then we'll head to Duluth. Along the way we'll look at anything we think sounds interesting, as well as quilt shops and dress shops (still hoping to find a ready made dress for the wedding.) If, however, one more thing goes whacky we may just turn around and head home!

Our summer is so busy this is the last chance we have until after Scott and Bri's wedding in August! I don't think I'll complain, it's nice to be busy and needed.

I have to tell a funny story. Last week, I looked out my very cool awning kitchen window at the trailer, parked as usual in the yard, and noticed a pink frisbee on the top. I asked everyone at the house if they knew how the frisbee got there and got the usual response of I don't know. Except Rob who said "ask your youngest. " So when Brayden was here on Monday I asked him. His response was immediate and sure "Uncle Scott threw it up there!" Humm, guess he told on Uncle Scott! Also, he told Scott that he looked like Uncle Steve! He has also said that he needed Uncle Steve to get down something that was up really high--guess he's already figured out what someone 6'10" is good for!

I am hobbling about for a few weeks, what the Doctor blew off as a neuroma in my foot last year turns out to be a strained joint in my second toe! It's splinted, must be kept immobile in sturdy shoes, and iced (I tried the dancers bucket of ice water tonight--oh wow, that hurt clear to my knee! It did work though, so I guess I'll be doing that again.) I hope this works or the immobiliztion will get more dramatic than this little splint and if left to it's own will develop into a hammertoe. Which sounds more painful than this strained joint!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday evening

Well, another week gone by and I haven't a lot to show for it, sigh. I honestly can't remember what I did! Yesterday, I went shopping for a dress for Scott and Bri's wedding, went to five stores including two bridal stores but no luck. It's all one dress out of different fabrics and very blah in black! I've decided to make mine, I saw some nice patterns and I will buy a dress form to be certain it fits. This way I can make it suit me and I'll have the form after to make myself some other clothes. That's something I used to do a lot but sort of went by the way when we had all the kids home playing every sport involving a ball, dancing, taking music lessons for various instruments, etc and Larry was travelling. I have more time for it now.

Larry and I went shopping today for a few things at Lowe's (where else) and Costco. I had mentioned wanting an ipod to listen to audio books while I walk so I came home with one like his! I'm already enjoying it.

Scott's home for the night and we are celebrating Father's Day for Larry tomorrow, a little early. I do like having him around! I miss Bri though!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camping weekend past

We had a very nice time with Beth and clan out at Clinton Lake in Kansas. The weather was nearly perfect for being outside, unusual for camping (especially with Beth and Lucas as it always seems to rain!) We did have ridiculous wind on Saturday which bent one of the legs on our dining canopy, we will probably need a new one. I don't think we'll be able to get it back up almost didn't get it down. Also on Saturday Larry broke one of the arms of his lawn chair. He has a hard time getting up and down and always uses one hand, usually his right, to help by pushing down on things. Plastic just doesn't hold up to this so he is going to make wooden replacement arms as the rest of the chair is still spiffy. We had a ball playing with Brayden and Kolby. Brayden likes to go between campers and then he can usually con his Grandad out of cookies and his Granna out of trips to the playground or a "little scoot." He's quite speedy on his little scooter! Kolby is turning into a little butterball but a real smiler! He's growing so fast! The kids came home on Sunday and we stayed until yesterday, it was quite cool yesterday and we enjoyed the time outdoors.

Today, we took the camper in to the dealers as it has a short in the electrical system somewhere. Should have it back by the end of the week. Then we went for lunch at the Cheescake Factory, YUMMO, with the people Larry worked with which is always fun. They are worried about their jobs as Embarq has been acquired by another telecommunications firm and no one knows how long they'll have a job. Very stressful for them, I'm grateful Larry is out of it.
After that we went to the VA for an appointment with Ortho, boring as they were 2 hours behind. We had to drive in a horrible downpour, water all over the streets, etc I was glad we were in the pickup! No change in the hole, watch for infection, come back in three months. He has no more appointments until August--I can hardly believe it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Windows!

The new windows are in, mostly. Two did not fit the openings, measured and ordered correctly but not sent from factory right. Those two, a new front door and some trim on the upstairs patio door will be installed in about two weeks. There are still a couple of issues with the basement patio door but they will be resolved in the next couple of days most likely. I really like the way they look! Changed the exterior looks of the front of the house and make the inside seem lighter and brighter. I have some painting to do outside, not of the windows which are white and are guaranteed not to need painting unless I paint them, but of sills etc. Then when all is complete I am going to paint all the interior trim white, it's either that or replace it and we like the white I put in our bathroom. We are considering siding the house next year and if we do we'll likely put up white and stick with dark green trim.

I haven't done anything but watch the installers for the last two days and I'm exhausted! Taking the trailer out tomorrow for a few days with the kids, be back on Monday. I hope to do some hand sewing and other projects while we're gone, this is more a "sit around" weekend than we've had all year.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am really at a loss when it comes to titles for these blogs! I haven't really been accomplishing much lately and no excuse, just lazy! Summer is always like this for me, I just want to turn on the air conditioning and sleep! In the winter I have lots of energy. I thinks that must be opposite from most people, guess we all know I'm odd!

Today, I had a Doctor's appointment. Not Larry, me. Nothing serious just changed primary care MDs and needed referrals to a multitude of specialists to take care of the nagging things stress is doing to me. Most importantly, a referral to the eye guy to do my cataracts. I really want them done before Scott's wedding.

Tomorrow we are getting our new windows! I am really looking forward to trashing all the window props we've been using for 9 years! The new ones are more energy efficient as well. I think it will be a mess for a couple of days but then I'll enjoy them.

Had the Eiman brothers last evening, that sounds odd. We usually have Brayden on Mondays but yesterday we had both. Brayden was his usual busy and verbal self, he's always coming up with something and never misses anything! Kolby is a boy who likes to be in motion! He "talks" alot and has an absolutely wonderful smile! We love having them and spoiling them, isn't that what grandparents are for?