2017 Intentions/Goals/Resolutions

These are the goals for 2017, in no particular order!
I plan to update this page weekly with a "report card"-as Gretchen Rubin says "We monitor what we value."

Reduce by 1/2 my possessions-I really do have too much stuff!

Health and Personal care:
     Diet-lose 1 pound each week by eating healthier and LESS
     Exercise-walk, stretch, row, exercises and ride my bike
     Skin/Hair care-reserach to find out what really works
     Journals-both daily and gratitude

Reading-I read a LOT but I need to be more focused and re-read less
     One Non-fiction book weekly
     One book from a Dewey Decimal section each month
     Keep reading journal

Town of Kansas
     Finish research
John Calvin McCoy writings
     Finish acquiring articles

     Quilting-finish 6-8 quilts and practice machine quilting
     Cross-stitch-finish Nora and Ethan's stockings
     Knitting-finish 6-8 projects
     Sewing-doll clothes, placemats.
     Photo books-finish scanning photos and slides

     One backroad adventure per month--weather permitting
     At least one movie a month
     One museum a month
     Ballet/Symphony/horse shows/herding trials

Frugal Living
     Weekly Menu plans
     Stop eating out
     Track spending
     Work to enlarge charitable giving to 10% of income

Home improvements-see separate list
Blog Daily

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